Riepe Policies

Extended policies on these topics and more are covered in the University of Pennsylvania's Residential Handbook.


Both buildings are equipped with sprinklers, visible in every room. Do not strike or hang anything from the sprinkler heads; they are fragile and easily broken, and the amount of water is considerable and impacts numerous rooms and numerous floors.


Halogen lamps and candles are prohibited in all college houses. Both are fire hazards.

Fire Alarms

Students MUST vacate the building during fire alarms, whether unexpected or during scheduled fire drills. Use the nearest emergency exit doors. Tampering with fire alarms or fire safety equipment (including in-room smoke detectors) will result in fines and/or other disciplinary action.

Quiet Hours

Quiet Hours are observed in Riepe weekdays 11pm-9am and weekends 2a-11am. During Reading Days and Final Exams Quiet Hours are enforced 24 hours a day.

Smoking and E-Cigarettes

Smoking and vaping are prohibited in Riepe, as well as all college houses. Penn has recently become a tobacco-free campus. In accordance with this policy, smoking is not permitted in the Quad courtyard. You also may not smoke on the balconies of the Quad. Please note there is a $50 fine for violating this policy. Smoking is permitted on public Philadelphia sidewalks and streets.


OUTDOOR- Posting on trees or on any part of the outer or inner entrance doors to the buildings is prohibited. There are two public bulletin boards beneath the covered archway entrance to the oval garden, "baby quad" (to the left of the 36th gate near Thomas Penn), and beneath the covered archway entrace from the oval garden towards Ware College House. These are the only locations that outdoor posting is allowed.

INDOOR- There are several bulletin boards in public spaces immediately adjacent to the entrance stairwells of the buildings that comprise Riepe College House. These entrance bulletin boards are available for public posting by recognized Penn organizations, and, in fact are the only places where public posting is allowed inside Riepe College House. Public posting is strictly forbidden on all other bulletin boards throughout the House. This includes first floor bulletin boards used by the House as well as bulletin boards used by the RA team to post hall activities. 

For more Poster and Flyering Policy information, please follow this link: Poster and Flyering Policies.