I'm living in Riepe, what is my mailing address?
John/Jane Doe
310 South 36th Street MB ###
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6023

*Mailbox numbers can be found in housing assignment information. 

Can I ship packages to the Quad before move-in?
Given the high volume of mail and packages around move–in, we ask that you time your shipping to coincide with your arrival and not too many days earlier than that date. Pease add 1-2 days to shipping company’s delivery time estimates for campus processing. Please be advised, Riepe does not have a storage room for belongings that you ship but cannot fit in your room. 

Where are laundry facilities located?
Laundry facilities are located in the basement of Magee and Bishop White. To check if washers and dryers are available for use, visit http://www.laundryalert.com/ and use the code penn6389 to sign in.

 Does Riepe have an elevator?
Yes, there is one elevator in Riepe located in the intersection of Ashhurst and Cleemann Halls. However, it is not convenient for access to all buildings such as Graduate, Mask & Wig, Provost Tower, Birthday, and Bishop White.

Is there air conditioning in Riepe?
Yes, Riepe is seasonally air conditioned.

 What furniture is provided by the University?
There is a bed, desk, chest of drawers, and chair for each student. Rooms may have either a wardrobe or closet for each student. There is a wall globe light that provides limited light. Students should consider bringing additional lighting, like desk lamps or floor lamps.

Is Riepe open over breaks?
We are not open during winter break or summer break. For Summer 2019, students without an approved extension from the University must vacate the dorms by 5:00pm on May 15, 2019. For Fall 2019, Students must vacate the dorms by December 20, 2019. Dorms reopen January 12, 2020. Students can usually find on-campus accommodations in the high rises or the University City Sheraton for the Winter Break period. We ARE open for fall break, Thanksgiving break, and spring break.