Lounge and Common Areas

Riepe College House has several lounge and common areas which help promote a rich community atmosphere:

Ashhurst Lounge- 2nd floor between Ashhurst and Ward

  • Cable TV, comfortable couches, foosball table, billiard table, poker table, and ping pong table
  • Billiard and ping pong equiptment is available for rent in The Grotto in Thomas Penn 104, just bring your PennCard!

Provost Tower Library- 5th floor of Provost Tower

  • Designated a "Quiet Study" space, with desks and chairs 

Class of '38- 2nd floor of Mask & Wig

  • Large table with chairs, typically the location of all Riepe House dinners

Provost Tower Lounge- 2nd floor Provost Tower

  • Chairs and couches 

Thomas Penn 111- 1st floor Thomas Penn

  • Cable TV, comfortable couches

Ashhurst Library- 3rd floor between Ashhurst and Ward

  • Designated a “Quiet Study” space
Lounge Furniture
  • Absolutely no lounge furniture is to be removed from the Riepe lounge or common areas. This includes tables, chairs, or any temporary furnishings.
  • Anyone found in violation of this policy will be subject to fines by the college house.