Lounge and Common Areas

Riepe College House has several lounge and common areas which help promote a rich community atmosphere:

Ashhurst Lounge- 2nd floor between Ashhurst and Ward

  • Cable TV, comfortable couches, billiard table, poker table, and ping pong table
  • Billiard and ping pong equiptment is available for rent in The Grotto in Thomas Penn 104: just bring your PennCard!

Provost Tower Library- 5th floor of Provost Tower

  • Designated a "Quiet Study" space, with desks and chairs for individual or group study.

Class of '38- 2nd floor of Mask & Wig

  • Large lounge with a long table with chairs, typically the location of all Riepe House dinners. Ideal for group study!

Provost Tower Lounge- 2nd floor Provost Tower

  • Chairs and couches with a large TV. Comfortable with good views!

Thomas Penn 111- 1st floor Thomas Penn

  • Cable TV, couches and small tables. Great for hall events and group study.

Ashhurst Library- 3rd floor between Ashhurst and Ward

  • Designated a “Quiet Study” space, with desks and chairs facing the Quad courtyards. The projector screen makes it an ideal location for our Riepe Film Series, with movies showing every Saturday at 6pm.
Policies Regarding Lounge Furniture
  • Absolutely no lounge furniture is to be removed from the Riepe lounge or common areas. This includes tables, chairs, or any temporary furnishings.
  • Anyone found in violation of this policy will be subject to fines by the college house.