Event Series

Riepe House Comfort Food Dinners

  • For Riepe residents,we love bringing a variety of cuisines from local restaurants for large all-house community dinners throughout the semester! Enjoy seasonal-themed dinners, outdoor picnics, and smaller pop-up meal study breaks in this series.

Dinners for Ten

  • Hosted by House Director, Ralph and his partner Ellen Rosen, this is an informal, intimate evening where small groups of Riepe residents can have dinner and conversation in the Rosen's apartment with a special guest from Penn’s faculty or someone in the community.

Coffee Open House

  • The Coffee Open House at Riepe has been a fixture of our programming for many years. Hosted by Faculty Director Ralph Rosen and his partner Ellen Rosen, this bi-weekly Sunday afternoon event features homemade espresso, cappuccinos, and lots of food! Ralph roasts his own coffee beans, and loves to talk about everything coffee. For those without a coffee-need, the Rosens offer chocolate, fruit, granola & yogurt, squeeze-your-own orange juice, and other assorted goodies! Best of all, the Coffee Open Houses are great occasions for relaxed and informal conversations about whatever is on your mind.

Planet Sundae

  • Join Faculty Fellow Sebastián Gil-Riaño and his partner Adriann Moss for Planet Sundae! Ice cream and other sweet treats will be on offer to munch on while nature documentaries play.

Monthly Riepe Writing Retreats

  • Each month Riepe Faculty Fellow Sebastián Gil-Riaño will hold a monthly mini-writing retreat from 2-4 on a Saturday. At 2:00pm, all writers will set a goal for the session, and then write for 110 uninterrupted minutes.

Riepe Film Series

  • Riepe's student House Managers each week host an evening with Riepe's Film Series, showing movies on Saturday evenings on our projection screen in Ashhurst 3 library. Students help to choose the films each week, which range from popular, just-released movies, art house films, and cult classics.

And More!

  • We're constantly adding new events to our series cycle, including Riepe Goes to the Movies, Long Walks with Riepe, and more! We hope you'll join us for our House events.