Event Series

Riepe House Comfort Food Dinners

  • Free to all Riepe residents, Dean Diggs whips up her famous Mac & Cheese, meatballs, and salad or orders a variety of cuisines from local restaurants.

Dinners for Ten

  • Hosted by House Fellows, Ralph and Ellen Rosen, this is an informal, intimate evening over dinner where approximately ten Riepe residents can speak with the Guest of Honor about his/her varied interests and their academic discipline.

Italian Table

  • House Fellow Dr. Amy Stornaiuolo and Vincenzo Stornaiuolo host a bi-weekly dinner event with homemade pasta meals and cultural focus on Italy.

Cookie Nights

  • Hosted by Faculty Master, Dean DeTurck, this event takes place at 10pm on Wednesday nights. Fresh baked cookies and milk are served. Get there early- the line forms quickly!

Espresso Open House

  • Hosted by the Rosens, a bi-weekly Sunday Espresso Open House, featuring shots of espresso as good as anything you'll find in an Italian corner bar! EVEN IF YOU DON'T DRINK COFFEE!-- they have chocolate, fruit, squeeze-your-own orange juice (on an ancient machine!), and other assorted goodies!! And of course, home-roasted coffee!