Living Cultures

Integrated Studies Program

The Living Cultures program offers a fun environment for students interested in exploring the dynamic relationship between Philadelphia’s local communities and global cultural trends. 

Members play a crucial role in shaping the direction of the program in collaboration with Faculty fellows, GAs, and RAs. Living Cultures activities can include outings to the Mütter Museum, Bartram’s Garden, The Woodlands Cemetery, The Italian Market, Chinatown, Penn Museum, Barnes Foundation, and sampling some of Philly’s many culinary delights. They can also include hall events such as home-cooked dinners, film screenings, and creative craft-making. Student interest in leadership and interactive learning is of vital importance to this group and ensures that the program is lively and evolves throughout the school year.

Whether you are interested in majoring in science, business, humanities or social science, Living Cultures can offer meaningful learning experiences that strengthen intercultural understanding. Living Cultures welcomes First-Generation, Low-Income students and minority students and provides opportunities to build community and establish a solid footing on campus. Through its emphasis on lived cultural experiences this program community plays a vital role in making Riepe an inclusive space.

To Apply to this Program:

Submit an online housing application and list this program as one of your top two choices.  You're required to submit a short essay as part of the Program Community application process. Follow the essay prompt as indicated in the application. You can also visit the Program Community Application Help page and the general Program Communities page for additional information.