Digital Humanities

Integrated Studies Program

Riepe's Digital Humanities Residential Community will be home for students who are excited by the varied and exciting intersections between arts and culture (including literature, manuscripts, visual arts, linguistics, music, history, and archaeology) and continually evolving digital technologies. These technologies are rapidly opening entirely new sets of questions about humanistic materials, from texts to artifacts and beyond—and continually suggesting new methodologies for approaching them. Whether recovering erased medieval texts via spectral imaging, digitally reconstructing architectural or archaeological history, confronting large cultural questions by analyzing large sets of digitized data, students will be introduced to a vast array of skill-sets and potential research projects in all areas traditionally (and sometimes, non-traditionally) associated with the Humanities. This community will offer a perfect, authentic, cutting-edge blend of disciplines and intellectual realms! 

To Apply to this Program:

Submit an online housing application and list this program as one of your top two choices.  You're required to submit a short essay as part of the Program Community application process. Follow the essay prompt as indicated in the application. You can also visit the Program Community Application Help page and the general Program Communities page for additional information.