House Staff

Senior Staff

Riepe House Dean - Dr. Marilynne Diggs Thompson

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Dr. Marilynne Diggs Thompson
Riepe House Dean

Faculty Master - Prof.Dr. Dennis DeTurck

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Prof.Dr. Dennis DeTurck
Faculty Master

Dean, College of Arts and Sciences; Professor of Mathematics, School of Arts and Sciences

College House Fellow - Prof. Dr.Ralph Rosen

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Prof. Dr.Ralph Rosen
College House Fellow

Professor of Classical Studies, School of Arts and Sciences
Ralph Rosen is Rose Family Endowed Term Professor in the Department of Classical Studies. He has spent his entire professional career at Penn, having arrived in 1983 fresh from graduate school. He was an undergraduate for his first two years at Bowdoin College and finished his BA at Swarthmore College. He went to Harvard for his graduate work, where he received the PhD in Classical Philology (ancient Greek and Roman languages and literature). He teaches a variety of courses on ancient Greco-Roman culture, from literature and philosophy to ancient aesthetics and Greek medicine. Dr. Rosen lives with his wife, associate faculty fellow Ellen, who has had a varied professional career in law and banking. They have two children, Ben (25), a classical composer and rock bassist (he can be heard on recordings by the band "The Chairman Dances") and Charlotte (22), a recent graduate from St. Olaf College with a degree in History. The Rosens hold open houses at their apartment on alternate Sunday afternoons, which feature spectacular espresso drinks and squeeze-your-own orange juice, among other delicacies. Once a month they also hold dinners for small groups of Riepe students to meet interesting dinner guests. They love music of all kinds and collect art, and love to share their various passions with Riepe residents.           

College House Fellow - Prof. Dr. Betsy Rymes

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Prof. Dr. Betsy Rymes
College House Fellow

Betsy Rymes is Associate Professor of Educational Linguistics in Penn’s Graduate School of Education.  She was an English Major at Swarthmore College and then, after several years of teaching in Los Angeles, attended graduate school at UCLA, where she earned her PhD. in Applied Linguistics.  Before coming to Penn she was a professor of Language Education and Linguistics at the University of Georgia in Athens, GA.  She is happy to be back in the Northeast!  In addition to directing the Riepe Mentors, Dr. Rymes holds weekly “Paper Doctor” office hours in her apartment where she will help you polish your prose, or, if you haven’t gotten that far yet, brainstorm an idea.  Dr. Rymes also loves to go on early morning runs, and to the movies on Sunday afternoons. She lives in Riepe with her two children, Charlie, 14, and Anya, 6. They can be spotted cruising through the halls of Riepe on skateboards and scooters (unless Dean Diggs spots then first!).

Associate Fellow - Ellen Rosen

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Ellen Rosen
Associate Fellow

Ellen Rosen is Associate Faculty Fellow by virtue of being married to Ralph Rosen. She was a sociology major at Oberlin College and obtained her law degree from Villanova University of Law.  She has held both business and legal roles at various financial services companies.  Ellen loves living in Riepe where she and Ralph host coffee hours every other Sunday and dinners with interesting people once a month.  Ralph and Ellen have two children – Ben, who just received his masters in music composition and is working in Special Collections at the Penn library, and Charlotte, who just graduated from St. Olaf College and has an internship in Berkeley, CA.  They also have a cat Zoe who sometimes comes out from under the bed during house events.

House Coordinator - Whitney Alves

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Whitney Alves
House Coordinator

Resident Advisors and Graduate Associates

Roksolana Starodub - GA - Mask & Wig

Roksolana Starodub (Full Profile)


Roksolana is a fourth-year PhD student doing research in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and teaching with simulation at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing. Roksolana received her Bachelor’s degree from Chatham University and her Master’s degree with an Acute Care Nurse-Practitioner track from the University of Pennsylvania. Roksolana is a returning GA and you will most likely find her at Riepe's Mask and Wig or helping out on Tuesdays with mac and cheese nights. Roksolana loves coffee with sweets and is always looking for some coffee enthusiasts to explore Philly's “café noir” atmosphere.



Brian Delgado - GA - Birthday

Brian Delgado (Full Profile)


Brian is a first year graduate student studying Medical Physics Originally hailing from Austin, Brian enjoys playing tennis and lacrosse as well as any outdoor activity, and is always down to toss a frisbee. In his free time he enjoys reading, playing video and board games, as well as sleeping.




Ana Schwartz - GA - Birthday

Ana Schwartz (Full Profile)


Hi folks. I'm a PhD candidate in the Department of English and I've lived in Philadelphia for five years. Before that I attended UC Berkeley, and before that I lived in a small town in Northern California, where it never snows in the winter and where the summers are warm and dry. My goal in 2014 is to memorize one hundred poems. As of June 2014, I'm on track to succeed. Try me.


Here at Riepe, I direct Living Cultures, which means lots of (although never enough) excursions to get a taste of the different cultures Philadelphia, as well as each and every one of us here at Penn has to offer. I also tweet a lot. Find me? schwartz/underscore/ana. 

Athena Kifah - GA - Graduate

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Amanda Lee - RA - McIlhenny

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Anne Stack - RA - Graduate

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Patrick Ball - GA - McIlhenny

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David Lai - RA - Magee

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Erica Ligenza - RA - Magee

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Evangeline Kho - RA - Cleemann

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Melissa Kantrowitz - RA - McIlhenny

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Meicen Sun - GA - Warwick

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Theodore Cohen - RA - Cleemann

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Stephanie Li - RA - Ward

Stephanie Li (Full Profile)


Stephanie is a junior in the Wharton School interested in Accounting and Cognitive Science.  Hailing from the frozen plains of northern Alberta, Stephanie is deeply involved with the Canadian Club, Wharton Asia Exchange, and PHINS.  Her fondest memories of Riepe are mac and cheese nights in Class of '38.  In her free time, Stephanie can be found running along the Schuylkill, supporting friends in performing arts groups, and trying new restaurants in Center City and West Philadelphia.  Ask her to join you in exploring West Philly!


David Liang - RA - Ward

David Liang (Full Profile)


David is a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in Psychology and is on the fence about a minor in Biology.  Born and raised in Cleveland, Mississippi (yes it’s a place!) David loves all things Southern (mostly fried foods).  David is an avid hiker and is the Social Chair of the Penn Outdoors club.  He loves to cook though he has absolutely no skill in baking.  Always down to explore, David can often be found reading a book on his tablet or desperately trying to cram for a test. 


Hector Kilgoe - RA - Warwick

Hector Kilgoe (Full Profile)


Hector is a Senior in the College of Arts and Sciences, majoring in Religious Studies and minoring in Jewish Studies and East Asian Languages and Civilizations. As a freshman, he lived in Riepe as a resident in the Integrated Studies Program. This year he has moved back to his freshman-year hall as an RA. After three years learning modern dance at a high school outside of Boston, Massachusetts, Hector joined Onda Latina here at Penn, switching over to the world of Latin dance. He is also a contributing editor of The Colors Project magazine. Hector loves Shinhwa, SHINee, and Shirley Bassey.


Priscilla Andalia - RA - Bishop White

Priscilla Andalia (Full Profile)


Priscilla is a junior in the College majoring in Biology.  She aspires to attend medical school and become a pediatrician.  Having loved living in Riepe as a freshman, Priscilla has returned as an RA (on 3rd floor Bishop White).  Priscilla loves keeping up with her T.V. shows; it is common to find her watching them on her iPad while she is working out out in Pottruck.  Priscilla plays for the women's club lacrosse team at Penn, participates in charity work and is an active member of her sorority.  On her free time, you may find Priscilla laying out in the sun with friends, eating sweets, skyping with her two dogs, or taking a stroll with her camera. 


Alex Hartley - GA - Birthday

Alex Hartley (Full Profile)


Alex Hartley is a second year graduate student in City Planning. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan. He enjoys sardonic humor in all its varieties, and most sports that do not involve rackets or bats; paddles are fine in some circumstances. He also really enjoys singing along to most things from Mariah Carey to the Wu Tang Clan if given half a chance, usually at high volume. His house events typically involve food of varying levels of grease and cheese, and this year he hopes to take them Philadelphia-wide. He is also pretty passionate about omelettes.  If you enjoy any of these things, he is your go-to guy; even if not, he's pretty friendly, so feel free to reach out.

Chase Staub - GA - Cleemann

Chase Staub (Full Profile)


Chase is a second-year graduate student at the Fels Institute of Government, and is currently completing his master's degree in Public Administration. He is a recent graduate of the University of Georgia, where he completed his degree in Psychology and a minor in Biology. While growing up in Gainesville, GA, trips to the lake and the mountains were common excursions. He enjoys spending time outdoors, reading a good book, and going to the gym. In addition, Chase takes any opportunity to travel and experience the beauty of the world's diverse cultures and breathtaking landscapes. If you ever need to find him, do not look too far, because he will likely be at the nearest frozen yogurt or sushi restaurant. After traveling to Croatia, he found his passion in public service and now desires to pursue a career in community and economic development.


Gabriel Jimenez - RA - Ward

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William Jackson - GA

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Andrew Lee - GA

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